How Do You Buy My House For Cash???

So how exactly can we help and what do we do?

ATR Property Solutions is a creative solutions real estate company. We do not follow the traditional real estate model in which you have to find a realtor, fix and upgrade your home to get it open house ready, work to keep your home looking immaculate for the open houses, deal with a constant stream to people showing up to view your home and then pay closing costs and realtor fees. So what do we do differently?

  • We buy houses in as-is condition, in any condition. You don’t have to fix or upgrade a single thing in your home. Even if it flooded.
  • We still go through a title company, ensuring that all the paperwork is handled properly and that we obtain a clear title.
  • There will NOT be a constant stream of people in your home. We may set up an appointment to bring contractors through, however we try to get everyone to come at one time. Our goal is to inconvenience the home owner as little as possible.
  • You will NOT pay any closing costs or realtor fees.
  • We do not require an inspection or appraisal
  • We pay cash, which also means you don’t have to wait up to 60 days or more for FHA or Conventional financing to go through. We close in a time frame that works for the home owner.

Get Your Questions Answered

If you are ready to learn more and/or receive an offer on your home, then please fill out the below form. Or if you prefer, call us directly at 713-714-1768. We can also be reached via text , email or Facebook Messenger, whichever method you’re most comfortable with.

Have a question but maybe not ready to sell?

No problem! Please communicate this to us up front so we can get right to your question, instead of taking up 10-20 minutes of your time on the wrong information.

How does our process work?

The below process is based on what will happen after you submit your information via the below form. If you decide to call directly instead, we’ll need about 15-20 minutes on the phone with you to get your name, property address, details about your property and begin discussing your goals for selling your property.

  • We will review your information and call you back that same day. This phone call will take 5-10 minutes. We’ll answer any questions you may have and ask you a few, more detailed questions about your property. We’ll also discuss your goals for selling the property and any challenges you may need help with. (The more you can tell us about your home and situation, the more accurate options we can present to you)
  • If you and I determine that we may be a good fit for each other, we’ll schedule an appointment to view your property. This is because we would like to meet you in person and we need to assess the condition of your property.
  • The appointment at your property will take approximately 45 minutes. We walk the property with you inside and out, taking a few pictures as we go. We’ll review your goals for selling your property and answer any additional questions you may have.
  • Within 48 hours of our appointment you will receive a no-obligation, cash offer.

The power to say “no”

If at any point in the process (up until a signed contract) you decide you no longer want to sell your property or feel we are not a good for each other, you can stop the process. We want to ensure that we are a good fit for you and you and your property are a good fit for us. Please inform us immediately of any concerns you have or your desire to stop the process.

Receive An Offer or Information

Fill out the below form to receive an offer on your home or request additional information.
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