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We’re a small, local business that invests in real estate in the Sugar Land area.

We buy houses from homeowners who are looking to sell and desire to work with a business that is focused on providing a service, not just on purchasing their home.

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I Want to Sell My House in Sugar Land, Texas!

We Buy Homes Anywhere In the Houston Area and Other Parts of TX, and At Any Price. Check Out How Our Process Works. We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Cash Offer For Your Sugar Land, TX House!

Service First. Real Estate Second.

Hi my name is Jessica, one of the two managing partners here at ATR Property Solutions. I’m guessing if you are taking a look at our website you likely received a piece of mail from us , maybe a phone call or you saw us on social media. First, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I research just about everything so I completely understand wanting to take a look at our company first.

ATR Property Solutions is a small, local real estate investment business located in Houston, TX.  We specialize in assisting homeowners that are experiencing a major life shift and are considering selling their property. We also help homeowners who simply want to sell their property and value convenience in addition to saving time and money. Let us know what you need and we’ll provide options to best assist you.

Most importantly though, it’s NOT about buying your property. Yes, we are a real estate company that buys property, but we believe there is so much more to it than that. Most of our clients are not selling their property because they want to. Unfortunately, they have likely experienced a tragic, upsetting and/or stressful event and now their best option is to sell their home. Or maybe they don’t have to sell, but want to start looking at their options.

This is where our team of experienced professionals steps in, providing their extensive knowledge and resources to find the best solution for you.

A.T.R. Helps Homeowners Handle Major Life Shifts

We provide transparency and solutions for homeowners who may need to sell fast, but value customer service first.

Thankfully, most people have never had to deal with the below situations. Unfortunately, this also usually means they don’t have the resources to reach out to for guidance or the first-hand knowledge of what their next step should be.  We do have the knowledge, resources and contacts, and we want to share them with you.

What kind of life shifts am I referring to?

  • A notice of foreclosure has been received
  • Divorce that requires the sale of a joint property
  • Loss of wages and/or benefits
  • A build-up of property taxes that you’re not sure how to resolve
  • An inherited property that you may not want
  • A probate case resulting from the death of a loved one
  • A transition to senior housing
  • Moving to a new area or out of state
  •  Troublesome tenants
  • A property that requires costly repairs or needs numerous updates

We have worked with homeowners experiencing all of the above situations. Therefore, we realize that your goal and focus is often not on the money you’ll receive from the sale of your home. Yes, the money may assist you financially, but homes are more about memories than dollar signs. The first home you bought on your own or as a couple, then place where your children were born and raised, a childhood home that belongs to your parents and now needs to be sold…you can’t place a value on these memories that are tied directly to our homes. So when we talk to you about your options for selling and our offer price, we have a great deal of respect and reverence for everything that you may be feeling and experiencing during the process.

We Buy Houses In And Around Sugar Land, Texas. See How…

We buy houses in Sugar Land, TX for cash and have the ability to close quickly… as quickly as 7 days if you need us to.  At ATR Property Solutions, we are a serious cash buyer that pays you a fair purchase price, requires no appraisals, no traditional lender-required repairs, and we charge NO FEES.  We are looking to buy all types of property in any condition in the Sugar Land area.

If you are looking to sell a Sugar Land area home quickly, we would like the opportunity to make a fair offer on your house. We can have an offer in your hands within 72 hours.

So If You’re Saying “I Need To Sell My House In Sugar Land Fast!”

We would love to tell you about your options! Learn more about how our process works, call us Now or fill out the form below!

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